Dj Nick was born in July 1977 in Servia-Kozanis, and attended Primary and High School in Servia. I started DJing really early on; my first booking was for a friend's birthday party when I was 19. My younger brother Dj Michel was born in April 1981 in Servia-Kozanis and his attended the same schools as me. In 1994 me and my brother promoted a few local bands, booking the local clubs for gigs themselves. With my brother worked at various local discos and clubs and after leaving the school we set up Dj's Ta Katharmata Production & Promotion. Dj Nick went to UK in 1997 for further high education studies in Civil Engineering and is resident in Greek Clubs in London. Dj Michel will finish next year the university and now is the resident in a few local clubs in Kozani.
> D.A.N.E.T. Factory Records
D.A.N.E.T Music Records was established in 2001 in University of Surrey by Dimitrios Adonopoulos and Nikolaos Photiou in order to organise the biggest Greek and Foreign events for the Greek committee. The company located in London and in Greece as well. D.A.N.E.T Music Records basic promotes the Dj Michel and Dj Nick Ta Katharmata, but corporate with the biggest Greek Djs like Dj Pantelis and the Sugar Factory, Dj Simo Alasita, Dj Niko Waterfalls, Dj Niko Mytho, Dj Maki Fainomeno, Dj @ndrew, Dj Biribas, Dj Krazy Con and more others. D.A.N.E.T Music Records promoted from PAREOULA the biggest Greek Music Site ( and also promotes, BATUCADA the biggest Summer Club in the county of Kozani.
> Dj Michel and Dj Nick